Omniboard is building control software uniquely designed to manage energy consumption, maintenance and functionality across multiple sites. It is a single graphical user interface (GUI) that integrates all manufacturers of digital control systems, without the need for additional hardware or replacing your existing systems. Placing the power in your hands, Omniboard’s patented software categorizes, analyzes, and presents real-time data in dashboards. Omniboard, built on 35 years of industry experience, offers a secure platform that protects your business.


  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Real-Time Remote Control
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Secure Communication with Buildings
  • Customizable Alarms
  • Detailed Audit Logging
  • Customizable User Interface
  • User Defined Key Performance Indicators
  • Big Data Storage

Omniboard Differentiation

Omniboard is the retail market’s first real-time, open-source energy information and building automation software designed with multi-site retail portfolios in mind. Omniboard aggregates your different control system manufactures’ routers/servers into one user interface, providing your team complete monitoring and control capabilities.

Omniboard supports a wide range of protocols including BACnet™ and other Internet standards used by energy management systems.

Energy Saving Features

Omniboard allows your team to:

  • Identify high-consuming sites and navigate to them quickly

  • Set alarms on device energy consumption to alert before reaching limits

  • Keep demand below peak limits through load shedding

  • Identify the highest energy consuming sites to get the largest return

  • Display sites in groups and compare to benchmark averages

  • Display and continuously collect data for each site on one screen

  • Create customized reports

  • Build Customized Energy Dashboards

  • Create unlimited number of KPI's

Omniboard provides a single, easy to use interface for managing all properties and vendors.

Omniboard facilitates maintenance management, providing for a more productive operation through powerful Site and Alarm management tools.

  • Quickly identify critical real-time alarms

  • Custom-categorize store alarm levels

  • Create and print custom reports

  • Automatically route alarms to key staff for facilities management

  • Show the time, location and device that failed, allowing quick navigation directly to the problem source

  • Allow your service contractors and field technicians to view alarms on their mobile device or tablet so they themselves can zero in on the issue, and reduce the number and duration of their service calls